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Serval kitten

Savannah Information

The Savannah cat is a hybrid breed that was created by breeding the wild African Serval with domesticated breeds.

  • F1 generation Savannah cats can have anywhere from 50-85% Serval.

  • F2 generation Savanah cats typically have a mix of 30% Serval mix. 

  • F3 generation Savannah cats usually have an average of 19% Serval mix. 

  • F4 generation Savannah cats generally have a Serval mix of 15%.

  • F5 generation Savannah cats are closer to domestic cats and typically have an 11% Serval mix.

Savannah cats were first bred in the 1980’s by Judy Frank, however they did not catch on until a decade later in the 1990’s.

In 1996, after several years of breeding Savannahs, Patrick Kelley and Joyce Sroufe presented the Savannah cat to the TICA as a new cat breed.

5 years later, the TICA accepted Savannah cats as an official registered breed in 2001, however, Savannahs had already begun their rise in popularity and were being bred and kept as pets around the world.

     Currently, there are 52 Savannah breeders in the world that are registered with TICA, however there are likely

many more breeders that are simply not included on

this registry.

  Savannahs got their name from the habit of the

Serval. Their coats mimics the savannah plains in

Africa. The overall impression of the Savannah is a

tall lean graceful cat with striking dark spots and other bold markings, on a background color of any shade of brown, silver, snow, melanistic (black) or melanistic (black) smoke, and more rare colors like blue, cinnamon, chocolate and lilac. Not all these colors are recognized by TICA at this time. The Savannah cat is a domestic breed, which closely resembles its ancestral source the African Serval, but is smaller in stature.

Affectionate and outgoing, with exceptionally long neck, legs, and tall ears, as well as a medium length tail, the Savannah is both unusual and beautiful. The Savannah is also an exceptionally graceful, well-balanced cat with striking color and pattern.

They are an overly energetic breed which needs much more exercise, stimulation and play. They are not your typical lazy sleep all

day cats! If not stimulated properly, they can and will get into trouble!


Savannah cats are extremely intelligent, energetic and playful. Their intelligence makes them easy to train however, also helps them get into trouble. They easily learn how to open doors, cabinets and drawers. They even learn how to turn on faucets.  

They naturally retrieves items and  enjoy playing fetch. Their all time favorite is playing in water. My Savannahs even put ALL their toys in the water bowls. 

Again extremely active, inquisitive cat that loves to be up high. With their size and ability to jump, there isn't many places they can't beware lol. Savannahs enjoy playing, chasing, climbing and investigating.

 Generally confident and curious. Enjoys exploring new things.

Beyond their good looks, Savannah cats can make excellent pets to the right homes. Talk to someone who owns a Savannah, and they will likely compare their cat to a dog the same as Bengals. They’re remarkably loyal, social, fun-loving, and normally get along great with kids or other pets. 

However, socialization starting at an early age is extremely important- in making a happy, confident pet!

Savannah info
Savannah info
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