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Si-Sharped Dressed Man

~Born in January of 2019

~PKDef & PRA tested + 50 other genetic tests

~Silver Cashmere carrying APb & cb

Si is a silver cashmere (longhair) Bengal, that not only has the looks but personality to match! Sweetest, LOVE me personality. You just can't help but love him!

Si has a amazing muscular body structure with a wonderful profile and thick tail. His beautiful dark open rosettes stand out against his light silvery background. Si has such a soft silky pelt that you get more enjoyment petting him then he does. 

Best Bengal Longhair
of the year

Zin-White Zinfandel 

~Born Febuary of 2021

~PKDef & PRA tested + 50 other genetic tests

~Silver Mink

Zin is a handsome silver mink with a very entertaining and unique personality. This boys favorite activity is playing fetch. He brings toys and drops them at your feet, purrmeowing asking to play. =)

He also loves playing in/around/with water.

Zin's profile is the great representation of a quality Bengal for an sbt. Paired with his muscular body structure and thick tail, he is the perfect example of what a Bengal should look like!

Silver Mink snow Bengal
Bengal & Savannah kittens for sale
Silver Cashmere longhair Bengal
Silver Cashmere longhair Bengal



Charcoal lynx snow Bengal
Charcoal lynx snow Bengal

~Born March of 2021

~PKDef & PRA tested + 50 other genetic tests

~Charcoal Lynx carrying dilute

Zevron is our youngest boy, Russian import. He is a stunning charcoal lynx with a clouded rosetted pattern. Super sweet personality with lots of energy. He also loves water. Zevron is an in your face, demanding attention every chance he gets.

Zevron is still growing, yet his profile is impressive. We are excited to watch this boy develop and grow.   

Brown Bengal
TICA Champion Bengal


Kittens for sale


~PKDef & PRA tested + 50 other genetic tests

~Golden Brown carries Lynx


Zeno got his Champion status in one show! He is own homegrown boy. So being that he was born here, he is amazingly social. Zeno has the wonderful golden brown with a beautiful heart rosette. So handsome and soft. His personality shines through his babies. 


Brown Bengal
Brown Bengal
Brown Bengal
Champion Bengal
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