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NuVet Vitamins

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I encourage you to check out the above website. It is full of useful information on the proper way to feed your Bengal.

However, I know feeding this way isn't for everyone! But please be advised Bengals have a sensitive digestive track and feeding an alternative food that doesn't cause upset can be very tricky. Basically, trail and error.

If you are not up for making your own cat food, there are other options...Freeze dried is a good option or there are multiple companies that make premade raw and whole pray. Feel free to contract us for more information!

Remember ANYTIME you change food do it extremely slowly!

If you want to experiment here are some easy recipes you could try...

~~80/10/10 "For Dummies" using chicken wings - Imperial Version

1 pound of Chicken Wings

3.14 pounds of boneless meat

.460 pound of any liver

Add water or bone broth before serving - approx 1/2 cup per pound.


Optional Ingredients

2 whole raw eggs without shell

1/3 lb of tinned sardines (in water or tomato sauce, if you can only find them in oil then drain them)


Mix all ingredients together - use your hands, use your feet, use a spoon, use a couple of spoons, use a drill with a mixer attachment, use whatever takes your fancy just mix it together. Chicken Breast and Rabbit should not be used as the sole source of muscle meat as both are too low in taurine and fat to be the main protein for a cat. They can be used as PART of the diet but not more than about 20%


~~9lbs of any boneless meat *EXCEPT rabbit or chicken breast.

1 lb of any liver

.432 lb of bone meal - that is 39.3 teaspoons

optional ingredients 5 raw eggs and .67 lb of tinned sardine/pilchards in spring water or tomato sauce.

Add water or bone broth before serving - approx 1/2 cup per pound.

* Rabbit and Chicken breast are both too low in taurine and fat to be used as the main source of protein for a cat.

Vitamins HIGHLY Recommended!

We are extremely proud to announce that we have partnered with NuVet Labs supplements! 

A common problem in the pet food industry is that even many of the best foods are heat processed, which destroys nutrients. As a trained vet tech and breeder I’m always looking for ways to support and boost the immune system, bringing those nutrients back into their diets.

The key to supporting the lifelong health of my kittens is high quality nutrition. In order to ensure our cats and kittens get the BEST nutrition possible, we've recently partnered NuVet Labs!

BONUS: All of my kitten families have access to order straight from the manufacturer, just like I do - click the link! This keeps costs down and maintains the integrity of every batch. Since 1997 they have had 0 batch recalls!

They have wonderful cat and dog supplements to help keep your beloved babies healthy throughout their lives! I HIGHLY recommend this product!

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This supplement is NOT sold in stores.

WildTrax Feline Supplement for ALL cats, great and small, by WildTrax Supply.

WildTrax is a supplement that takes the guess work out of feeding raw. It can be a chore to make sure, if making homemade, that you have a balanced meal. Supplementing with WildTrax you never have to worry about it. Saccharomyces Boulardii (10 Billion CFU Per Serving) - 120 “Acid Resistant” VCaps | Patented & Clinically Studied Strain | Antibiotic Resistant -Lactose Free | Pharmaceutical Grade | Zero Fillers : Everything Else

Bengals are prone to digestive upset, Boulardii is a wonderful probiotic that can help ease the upset.


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