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What is the Out For Savannahs Insider (OFSI) program

and why should I join?

Out For Savannahs Insider program is our waiting list. Pre commitment if you will. First comes first serve, per being accepted! This list provides our members with access to kittens before being advertised and offered to the public, per your spot and criteria. It is designed for individuals/families who are 100% sure, (after doing research on the breed and Out For Savannahs). Families that want to add a kitten to their home, now or in the future. Our list carries over from litter to litter until you find your perfect kitten. We are committed to finding your family the perfect new addition and ensure your 100% happiness! Including our kittens, their health and happiness is our #1 concern. 

Only $ TBD to secure your spot on the list and become an OFSI member. Once you have chosen your kitten, per your spot, you receive a $TBD credit. That credit gets applied towards your deposit, which is required at the time your perfect kitten is chosen. So at that time you're required to pay an addition $TBD to equal $TBD total to reserve your kitten. 

*BOTH these amounts are NON REFUNDABLE!*  Why? This is a service. Once you become a member that spot is yours and yours alone! Same with deposit, that kitten is held for you which means it is no longer being advertised as available to other interested families. That said, the kitten is missing out on another perfect home, if for any reason you decide not to continue with the purchase of said kitten.

Have you done the research? Did you think a Savannah would fit into your home? The next step is becoming an Out For Savannahs Insider! Please fill out the following information and we will be in touch.

*Out For Savannahs Insider*

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