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We have
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Welcome to
Out For Bengals
& Savannahs

We pride ourselves in providing families with healthy, extremely social and lovable
Exotic Bengal & Savannah kittens.
Specializing in specialty colors, EG and SBT, & cashmeres Bengals (long haired), as well as EG and SBT Savannahs. 



Order yours today!

Brown Bengal kitten
Mink Snow Cashmere Bengal
Bengal kittens for sale
Snow Bengal kittens
F1 Savannahs
Bengals & Savannahs

ONLY $250
to become an Out For Bengals
& Savannahs Insider

Silver Mink Snow Bengal
Charcoal Lynx Snow Bengal
Clouded brown Bengal


F1 Charcoal Bengal
Silver Cashmere Bengal

Fun Facts

  • They love water! These cats enjoy water and will play for long periods in a bathtub with a few inches of water in it or in a bathroom sink with the faucet slightly running. Some will even join you in the shower or bathtub.

  • Are very vocal. The hybrid cat don’t meow quite like other cats and they can’t easily be ignored.

  • Bengals inherit the glitter gene. The rich color and glittery shine distinguishes the Bengal coat from other cats.

  • Both are excellent jumpers. Their flying abilities mean they can jump up to 3 times their height and can easily gain access to all of the tall furniture in your house. They’re also excellent climbers.

  • These hybrids have a wild blood line, The Asian Leopard Cat is the foundation wild cat for the Bengals. The African Serval is the foundation wild cat for the Savannahs.

  • Hybrids can learn dog-like tricks, YES you read that right! With a little bit of patience, positive reinforcement techniques and some treats, Bengals can be taught simple dog-like tricks such as rolling over, sitting up or jumping through hoops. Fetch is definitely an all time favorite.

  • They are little thieves. May look innocent but if you have a hard time finding your necklace or house keys, it’s probably kitty who went on a hunt to steal all that glitters. Hide your snacks too.

  • Savannahs hold the Guinness record for the world’s tallest domestic cat, measuring up to 19 inches tall. 

Bengal Kittens
Snow Lynx Bengal in bathtub
Jumping Bengal
Bengals & Savannahs
F2 Charcoal Mink Snow Bengal
F1 Savannahs
F1 Savannah
Silver Bengal at TICA show
F1 Savnnah F1 Bengal
F1 Savannah
Silver Bengal at TICA show
F1 Savannahs
F1 Savannah
Brown Bengal
F1 Savannah
F1 Savannah
Savannah Kitten
F2 Charcoal Mink Snow Bengal
F1 Savannah
Savannah kitten
F1 Savannah
Silver Bengal kitten
Silver Bengal with dog
Mink snow Bengal
F2 Bengal cat
Bengal feeding time
F1 Bengal
F1 Bengal kitten
F1 Savannah cats
Bengals kittens nursing
Bengal & Savannah kittens
F1 Savannahs in bathtub
Bengals & Savannahs for sale

What Customers Think

From Lana

Hi! Out for Bengals family!!

My name is Lana and a huge fan of this cattery.

We just brought our kitten, ‘Moco’ from here and WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!

When we got home, he didn’t hide just started exploring our place. While he was doing that my kids pet him several times and he even didn’t care about it. I have four kids. FOUR KIDS! They kept touching him. He really enjoyed being touched and playing with my kids right away. I mean at the very beginning from when we got home!

My husband and I were surprised at how he was socialized.

I think this is THE BEST THING when you get your kitten from Out for Bengals. Because they are a large family, their kids play with the kittens all the time. That's why Moco doesn't have any fear or awkwardness with my kids. I know the Bengal cat's personality is much outgoing compared with the other breed but still, you might need to think about that warming up, especially if you have kids. But my Moco, boom! he was acting like my family member right away!

The second night, he just climbed up to our bed and slept together with the sweetest purring sounds.

I'm sending a HUGE THANKS to Kayla who gave us to have this treasure in our life.

You won't regret it if you get a kitten from this cattery.

If we are going to have another cat then definitely I'm gonna contact, you Kayla!

From Sherri

Maizey is my first Bengal, so I had some questions. Kayla answered them all, plus some! My kitten was loved, played with, socialized, and spoiled! Beautiful kittens, responsible breeder, who is just a text or a call away anytime I have a question or to share pictures or videos. Getting a kitten from her has been a wonderful experience, I love my little ball of energy and Kayla and her family make you feel like you've known them forever! Thank you Out for Bengals for EVERYTHING!!!

From Kendra

Kayla was amazing to work with. She is very knowledgeable about bengals and provides education on how to properly care for them. Out for Bengals handled everything professionally, and I was super appreciative of the care package that was sent home with my new kitten. Would definitely recommend!

From Clint

Best experience ever. She knows so much about them and is so supportive. The kittens are amazing and love you forever!

From Alexandra

I recently just picked up my baby from Out for Bengals and we couldn’t love him more! Out For Bengals is extremely professional and they maintain a very healthy and happy environment for their cats and kittens. Our little guy came with all his paperwork neatly filed and a bag full of goodies. I highly recommend Out For Bengals!

From Rich

We love our little Udon, that’s his name . Kayla and family do a great job socializing and caring for her kittens. Udon quickly adjusted to our home environment and was not shy at all. We have two small dogs and another cat and no issues there either.

Kayla really cares about her cats and she proactively follows up with you to make sure everyone is adjusting well. Transaction wise, the process was great and everything is documented and package in a folder. She also sends a nice gift bag full of toys and a blanket with the kittens home scent to help with adjusting.

We 100% recommend Out for Bengals if you’re looking for a little wildcat in your life.

From Ryan

I assume this was the same level of experience for everyone but I must say our family cherishes our experience with you!

We had lost our Bengal (from a different breeder) to heart failure at a young age, due to a genetic heart defect. Our son was 6~ years old and was best friends with that cat. He was devastated. We held off on immediately getting another Bengal because we wanted to search and look for a breeder that truly knew what they were doing and would make our son feel extra special.

We communicated our story to 15 breeders but Out for Bengals was the one that we related with the most. While it was a 7~ hour drive one way, we set off to pick up our new Bengal.

We didn't tell either of our children where we were going, just that we had a surprise. Meanwhile, Out for Bengals had put together a banner with our sons name on it, and got ready to surprise him with the surprise of a lifetime.

We arrived, the kids were stumped. Why were we at a random house in Pennsylvania? We walked in and my son was nearly in tears, tears of excitement.

Today, our Bengal Jasmine is truly amazing. She's absolutely best friends with our son, they talk back and forth, she follows him around the house, waits for him to come home from school with eager eyes, and sleeps at the foot of his bed every night.

10/10, I couldn't recommend her enough!

From Mary

Moony is a treasure! He is the most social cat I have ever owned! He loves cuddling and playing with me and my grandkids. He is BFFs with my Labrador. Out For Bengals & Savannah’s does a wonderful job raising their kittens so they are easily introduced to large families like ours and other pets.

From Kelly

I just got my sweet girl Lexi this year. She is so loving. I went to see the kittens with a friend with no intention of getting one. But when I laid my eyes on her I fell in love. Two days later I went back to pick her up!! When I took her to my vet he said she is very healthy. I haven’t had an issues with her. Best purchase I made this year

From Megan

I am so greatful we found you. This little man is so sweet and lovable. We eventually want to get another and would love to deal with you in the future.

From Rick

We adopted Flynn & Max about 9 months ago from Out For Bengals & Savannah’s and couldn’t be happier. The group at OFBS were easy to work with and full of information to help us adopt the right kittens for our home and family.

We are happy to recommend Out for Bengals & Savannas or provide a reference if needed.

From Kara

This is my Kenji. When we purchased him off of you, you told us that we would have our hands full. I would not trade him for the world. He keeps us on our toes but he is the most loving cat. Thank you so much for all the love and attention you put into what you do. It is truly a labor of love and all of us who have ever got a cat from you appreciate the gift you have.

From Jessica

We love our babies and Out for Bengals & Sanannahs! We got our first Bengal, Loki, in February, ‘23. So playful, lovable and fit right into our family.

OFBS REALLY put a lot of care into the cats and love each one as their own. I know it must be so heartbreaking when one leaves the nest, but knowing they’re going to another loving home must be peaceful.

OFBS is always available when needed and always more than happy to be available for any after care questions or concerns.

That’s why we decided to get another bengal from OFBS 8 months later - Maverick. He is such a love bug!!! He’s a cashmere bengal and so soft. The 2 bengals hit it off immediately when they were to finally meet. They both get along with our other tabby that was in our house first.

I cannot say enough positive things about OFBS. Kayla and her family put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into EACH & EVERY ONE of the cats!

From Diana

This is our sweet Reign.She will be two on Dec 5.Compared to our last bengal that was from elsewhere,her temperament is sweet and loving.She has magnificent bengal characteristics.We are 1000% happy with her and simply adore her.This breeder is very responsive to any questions you may have also.Xo

From Lynae

Let me know where to share since we would definitely get a 2nd one from you! Our guy is so great and loveable.

I have gotten a F2 Bengal from another breeder and that one compared to the one we got from you is a 180 difference. Definitely tells me how much time and love you put into these cats. 

Out For Bengals & Savannah’s we would recommend you over and over! We get so many compliments on Theo and he just has so much personality. He gets along with our other cat and two big dogs as well.

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